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Luxury Real Estate Trends in 2021

Luxury Real Estate Trends in 2021

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As the luxury home market grows in both demand and value, it can be challenging to find the property of your dreams. With so many people vying for luxury real estate, it can be difficult to find something both available and tasteful for your individual needs.
However, where there’s increased demand, a larger supply will naturally follow, and more homes are being placed on the market as 2021 begins. Read on to learn some trends that are emerging in luxury real estate right now that you should keep an eye out for when shopping for your dream home.

Robust Outdoor Spaces

With COVID-19 keeping everyone indoors, sunny California homes are looking like a better option with each passing day. Because everyone wants a nice space where they can set up an outdoor office, the luxury home market is seeing a boost in demand for robust outdoor spaces.
People want pools to relax near and outdoor kitchens to cook in, but they also want a larger area where they can set up a table and some chairs. If you’re browsing for a new mansion, consider getting something with some extra space so that you can reap the benefits of natural light and outdoor warmth whenever you want it.

Natural Lighting and Open Floor Plans

Speaking of natural lighting, this is one of the greatest trends in real estate for 2021. People are looking for a lot of windows and skylights in their homes to provide natural light for their interiors. Glass roofs and sunrooms are a great choice for luxury home buyers who want to bring the inside of their home to life.
Open floor plans are a natural extension of this trend. Having fewer walls and higher ceilings gives natural light more room to bounce around and increases the overall brightness of your space. Since luxury homes are the height of comfort, it also can provide a more extravagant feel to your space.

Yellow and Gray Interiors

The most popular color combination for 2021 interior design is projected to be yellow and gray. Since yellow is a color that symbolizes energy, happiness, and life, this makes a lot of sense in these unprecedentedly uncertain times.
Gray contrasts with yellow in a beautiful way and is slightly warmer than black would be, which allows you to decorate with the warmer lighting that 2021 homeowners love. Both of these hues look wonderful under natural light and can provide the person living in the home with a boost in energy and confidence, so consider renovating your home to incorporate these shades.

Browse Luxury Real Estate Today

Now that you know some trends in luxury real estate for 2021, it’s time to begin browsing for homes that you’re sure to love.
Check out our featured properties to see luxury houses available for purchase. These homes can be decorated in any style that suits your taste and can be shown off to friends and family across the nation, so don’t miss out on your dream location.