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Home Staging: 4 Reasons Why You Should Do It

Did you know that out of all generations, Gen Xers make up the largest percentage of both home sellers and buyers?

No matter your age, selling a home is a stressful process. The real estate market is more competitive than ever, and even the ...

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Real Estate Trends of 2021

The housing market is highly reliant on the state of the economy, which means that real estate trends can change quite quickly during times of crisis. When you live in the midst of a global pandemic, it may be difficult to understand where the ...

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How to Create a Tranquil Oasis in Your Backyard

Imagine you're on holiday in a beautiful tranquil oasis with the calming sounds of water flowing and wildlife rustling in the lush foliage. How does it make you feel?

How about if I told you you could achieve this in your own backyard with j...

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